Jayne Yong is an experienced freelance photographer and music journalist specialising in live event, travel and concert photography.

With an immense love for live music, Jayne can be often be found at live shows of all genres, shapes and sizes on a global scale. A seasoned live photographer, Jayne’s first and foremost passion is the music.

Jayne also has extensive experience in travel and travel photography, and enjoys shooting landscape, architectural, candid and street photography - from the contemporary architecture of modern cities to that of the ancient worlds, spanning round the globe.

However, who doesn’t enjoy a challenge? Jayne’s photography work is by no means limited to dusty churches and arguably dull landscapes. Jayne is also an avid fan of party and both formal/informal event photography, enjoying shooting informal portraits over a cup of tea and cake, to plain old passed-out-on-the-floor rock n’ roll debauchery.

Always equipped with camera in hand and ready for action, there is always a moment to be captured with Jayne.

Jayne currently shoots and writes for QRO Magazine, The Girls Are... and numerous other publications. Check out Jayne on Flickr (Concert Photography and Travel Photography), and please feel free to e-mail for information on availability and rates.